How it Started

After teaching and lecturing Arabic in universities, public schools and private institutions, collectively experiencing over thirty years of different teaching methods and styles; we’ve seen and sensed the difficulties students have faced; from a wide range of cultures and languages. Destiny brought us together in 2009 as we crossed paths and shared what we had all subconsciously been thinking, the dream to open a language institute had started to become a reality.

In 2012 everything came together enabling us to make our dream come true: we received leave from our previous jobs and found what was to become the home of Noor Majan Training Institute, in Ibri's old souq, beside the stunning fort. Here we felt we would be able to offer our students full Arabic immersion and easy access to the Omani way of life; after recruiting our enthusiastic, experienced and committed faculty and staff we were ready to go.

Now we are here!

Today we look back at more than three years of high-quality Arabic programs providing intensive and ongoing training for our teachers in Oman and the US. Hosting students from all five continents and more than 20 countries; cooperating with American and German foreign ministries, universities in Scandinavia, Germany and the USA as well as hosting individual students from European, American and Australasian universities. We also attract professionals from vast professions such as lawyers, vets, engineers and medical doctors, e.g. for Medecins Sans Frontieres. We're looking forward to expanding our activities to even more institutions and individuals and to constantly improve our performance to remain as one of the Gulf's leading Arabic-language schools.


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