About the Team

Sultan Al Farsi سلطان الفارسي
Sultan Al Farsi سلطان الفارسيInstitute Director
Sultan holds a master’s in Arabic and German as a Foreign Language from the University of Leipzig; this has given him a solid theoretical basis in contemporary didactics of foreign languages and initially exposed him to international language teaching. Sultan has extensive managerial experience in Arabic language development; he has held directorial positions at internationally recognized institutes such as the World Learning Oman Center in Muscat; where he developed and implemented Arabic language programs. He was responsible for the SIT Study Abroad program, the Critical Language Scholarship Arabic Program in Oman (CLS) and the Diwan-funded Salaam program to name a few; as well as developing many customized courses for various other organizations.
Omar Al Farsi عمر الفارسي
Omar Al Farsi عمر الفارسيPublic Relations Officer
Omar is responsible for Noor Majan’s logistics and is the primary bus driver for the institute. He often serves as a liaison for Noor Majan between government offices and other private institutions. He loves to strike up conversations with students and is a good guide to Ibri and Oman in general.
Hussein Al Farsi حسين الفارسي
Hussein Al Farsi حسين الفارسيLanguage Director
Hussein is Noor Majan Training Institute’s Director of Arabic Programs; he holds a master’s degree in Teaching Arabic from the University of Nizwa and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. on the implementation and usage of classical Arabic poetry in the AFL classroom. He has been with the Omani Ministry of Education for over ten years, first as an Arabic teacher and then as an inspector of all Arabic teachers in the district; he is now a consultant for the Government on their Arabic faculties.
He has taught Arabic courses to the highest International levels and worked with programs such as Critical Language Scholarship “CLS,” USA and Salam program in Muscat, Nizwa, and Salalah. His experiences in teaching Arabic to both International and Omani students and expertise in Arabic grammar, rhetoric and classic poetry inspired him to bring the idea of high-quality Arabic teaching to his home region of Ibri. Here he felt he could combine his teaching methodology and philosophy with an authentic Arabic environment conducive to Arabic practice on a daily basis.
Dr. Saif Al Azri سيف العزري
Dr. Saif Al Azri سيف العزريArabic Instructor
Saif is one of our most dedicated and talented teachers. With a Ph.D. in the techniques of teaching the Arabic language, he uses a modern teaching approach and authentic source materials to help students attain their highest Arabic level. His classes are challenging while supportive and let you develop all language skills. Saif is also always ready to discuss any topic that ignites your interest – in Arabic of course!
Ibtisam Al Maqbali ابتسام المقباليArabic Instructor
Ibtisam made her passion for the Arabic language her vocation and started teaching at Noor Majan in 2013. She is known for her innovation in developing unique curricula and has a good sense of humor. She is currently completing her master’s in Arabic as a Foreign Language at the University of Nizwa.
Latifa ٌRashid لطيفة راشدArabic Instructor
After graduating as an Arabic teacher with honors, Latifa was looking for an unusual challenge and decided to join Noor Majan. She has been teaching at Noor Majan for 3+ years. She is currently completing her master’s in Arabic as a Foreign Language at the University of Nizwa.
Yusuf Al Jasasi يوسف الجساسي
Yusuf Al Jasasi يوسف الجساسيArabic Instructor
Youssef has 30+ years experience in foreign language teaching, he holds a master’s degree in TESOL and served as a consultant with Omani Ministry of Education, designing and implementing foreign language courses. After hosting Noor Majan students. he decided to use his skills in Arabic as a Foreign Language and began teaching at the institute.
Mohammed Al Shueli محمد الشعالي
Mohammed Al Shueli محمد الشعاليAdministrative Assistant
Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management and served as a language partner with Noor Majan. He is the go-to person for all of the institute’s activities and ensures the smooth running of all of the institutes English and Arabic courses. He often joins students on excursions and serves as an invaluable resource on Omani culture and Ibri.
Mohammed Taher محمد طاهر
Mohammed Taher محمد طاهرGrounds Keeper
Mohammed Taher is Noor Majan’s facilities manager and is an individual with a great passion for helping others. Hes assists Mohamed Al Shueili and Omar Ali in ensuring the smooth flow of day-to-day operations and oversees all of the grounds at the institute and at the student accommodations.