Noor Majan takes pride in serving and being present in Muscat, the capital city of Oman. In response to the demand for a high-quality Arabic language program, we established a branch campus in the strategically located neighborhood of Al Khuwair in January 2018. We relocated our headquarters to Al Khuwair from the interior city of Ibri during the pandemic in 2021.

Noor Majan–Muscat is located in a modern and multi-story building at the vibrant heart of Al Khuwair’s central marketplace, or souq. The campus is surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, stores, cafés, and nearby important services such as hospitals and pharmacies. Noor Majan–Muscat’s centralized location in Al Khuwair places students equidistant from the major points of interest in Muscat. Within a 10-minute drive, students can reach Qurum Beach, the Muscat Royal Opera House, and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, while destinations like the Muscat International Airport, the historic market in Mutrah, and the Omani National Museum are all less than 15 minutes away. The map below showcases Noor Majan–Muscat’s location and the many services and tourist sites in proximity to the campus.

Academics at Noor Majan-Muscat

Noor Majan upholds the highest standards of Arabic language acquisition, first by attracting talent through a competitive hiring process, continual professional development for instructors, and continual evaluation of results and application of improvements. We believe that successful language acquisition occurs when students are repeatedly challenged to utilize and develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in a structured environment. Thus, Noor Majan’s methodology reflects this idea by dividing instruction time into two distinct concentrations: foundational knowledge in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and application of knowledge and skills through media literacy.

Throughout the different concentrations, Noor Majan utilizes Al Kitaab Fi Ta’allum  Al-‘Arabiyya (Mahmoud Al Batal) as the primary course material. Complementary material is gleaned from Al Kitaab Al-Asasi (1-3) (El-Said Badawi), A Student Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (Eckehard Schultz), and Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Mahdi Alosh). All courses draw upon authentic and relevant material from print and the internet to engage the student with appropriate usage of the language. The institute follows and applies international teaching standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), with the ability to teach nine distinct levels from beginner to advanced as well as customized material for the superior levels, diplomats, and graduate/doctoral students.

Program Dates and Prices

**A contact hour at Noor Majan is 50 minutes.

Note 1: Periods of stay can be booked flexibly for a minimum of two (2) weeks or longer. We also offer semester courses, academic year programs, intensive summer courses, and J-term courses at special conditions, please contact us for details and prices.
Note 2: Tuition fees start at 250 OMR/week (about $650), accompanying services such as accommodation and excursions need to be booked as an additional package.
Note 3: The semester at Noor Majan Arabic Institute includes 13 or 14 weeks of instruction. The institute will close on official public holidays. Students can stay at the student accommodation during these holidays, but classes will not be held. In this case, the actual period of stay might be longer than only 13/14 weeks. These holidays are only announced by the government shortly before the specific holiday.
Note 4: Please contact us directly for inquiries about private tuition, dialect instruction, customized programs, and group discounts.
Note 5: During Ramadan, no food or beverages will be served at the institute.

2024 Calendar
Code Start date End date Notes
24001 3 Jan 2024 1 Feb 2024 J-Course, 4 weeks, includes public holiday Throne Accession Day (January 11)
24002 3 Jan 2024 4 Apr 2024 Spring semester, 13 weeks, includes public holidays Throne Accession Day (January 11) Israʾ wal-Miʿraj (February 7)
24003 4 Feb 2024 29 Feb 2024 4 weeks, includes public holiday Israʾ wal-Miʿraj (February 7)
24004 3 Mar 2024 4 Apr 2024 5 weeks
21005 14 Apr 2024 23 May 2024 6 weeks
21006 2 Jun 2024 1 Aug 2024 Summer course I, 9 weeks, includes Eid al-Adha break (June 17–20), Islamic New Year (July 8)
24007 2 Jun 2024 4 Jul 2024 5 weeks, includes Eid al-Adha break (June 17–20)
24008 7 Jul 2024 1 Aug 2024 4 weeks, includes Islamic New Year (July 8)
24009 4 Aug 2024 29 Aug 2024 Summer course II, 4 weeks
24010 1 Sep 2024 19 Dec 2024 Fall semester, 16 weeks, includes public holidays Prophet’s Birthday (16 September), Oman National Day (2-day holiday, TBC)
24011 1 Sep 2024 26 Sep 2024 4 weeks, includes Prophet’s Birthday (September 16)
24012 29 Sep 2024 24 Oct 2024 4 weeks
24013 27 Oct 2024 21 Nov 2024 4 weeks, includes Oman National Day (2-day holiday, TBC)
24014 24 Nov 2024 19 Dec 2024 4 weeks
2023 Calendar
Code Start date End date Notes
23001 1 Jan 2023 26 Jan 2023 J-Course, 4 weeks
23002 1 Jan 2023 30 Mar 2023 Spring semester, 13 weeks, includes public holidays
23003  2 Apr 2023 1 Jun 2023 9 weeks, Ramadan starts on 23 March, includes Eid Al Fitr holidays
23004 11 Jun 2023 10 Aug 2023 Summer course I, 9 weeks, includes Eid Al Adha holidays
23005 13 Aug 2023 7 Sept 2023 Summer course II, 4 weeks
23006 17 Sept 2023 21 Dec 2023 Fall semester, 14 weeks, includes public holidays

Directions to Noor Majan–Muscat 

Noor Majan–Muscat is located in the Shadow Building, a new multi-use structure across from the well-known Turkish Diwan Restaurant and the Badr Al Samaa Hospital in Al Khuwair Souq. The institute is located on the second story of the Shadow Building. If you need assistance in locating the building, please call Sultan Al Farsi, Muscat Branch Director, at +968 9943-3381.