Noor Majan, lit. “the light of Majan.”

Noor Majan’s Meaning

Oman, a crossroads of civilizations, was once home to the ancient Majan culture that emerged some 4,000 years ago. Our institute, Noor Majan, takes pride in being situated at this historic intersection of cultures and history, inspiring us to adopt a name that captures the dual identity of Oman. “Noor” is the Arabic word for light or goodness, symbolizing the knowledge and wisdom that emerged with the arrival of Arabic and Islam, illuminating the ancient land of Majan.

Our Passion is Your Education

Since its establishment in 2012, Noor Majan has been tirelessly evaluating its programs to meet the linguistic and cultural goals of its students. Noor Majan brings together years of experience teaching Arabic as a foreign language and cultural education. We believe in providing a rigorous education while fostering the ideal environment for cultural learning.

Why Choose Noor Majan?

Noor Majan is the premier Arabic language institute in the Sultanate, crafting educationally rigorous Arabic language and cultural programs. We equip students from all backgrounds with the skills and confidence to engage with the Arab world, unlocking a world of opportunities and enriching their lives with a deeper understanding of this ancient and vibrant culture.