Visa Arrangements

  • Noor Majan will arrange student visa for the time of the students’ stay at the institute. After the course end, any remaining visa period has to be canceled as per the policies of Oman’s immigration authorities. In order to complete the visa application process, we require the participant’s full cooperation in providing Noor Majan with the correct personal data and required documents (passports need to be valid at least six months after the end of the course).
  • The visa costs of 30 OMR will have to be borne by the participant.
  • Noor Majan cannot guarantee the success of every visa application as these applications are granted at the discretion of the administration of the Royal Oman Police, (ROP). In case of the refusal of the visa by ROP Noor Majan will reimburse the full course fees except an administrative fee of 50 OMR.