At Noor Majan we believe that all students should have the opportunity to afford a study abroad experience. That is why we are committed to ethical pricing practices and the promotion of scholarships. Many of our students have studied with us on public and private scholarships offered in their countries.

Noor Majan is committed as an institution to supporting the continuity of Arabic language study: and because of this, we offer scholarships to our alumni and during certain programs around the year. Below are the scholarships available exclusively through Noor Majan.

The November 18th Scholarship

To celebrate and honor the birthday of Sultan Qaboos on November 18th, we offer an 18% percent discount for all students who want to study at Noor Majan for the months of September, October, and November.

Winter Partial-Scholarship Program-Ibri

Students who want to study Arabic on their winter break are encouraged to apply for our Winter Partial-Scholarship. The partial scholarship will be offered during our scheduled winter term which starts in either early/late December and extends to early/late February. For the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 dates please see below.

Course # Start Date End Date Course Fee Scholarship Offered
1064* 6 Dec., 2017 1 Feb., 2018 1900 400 OMR(2-Month Program)*/ 200 OMR (1-Month Program)
1071* 30 Dec., 2018* 21 Feb., 2019 1900 400 OMR (2-Month Program)*/ 200 OMR (1-Month Program)

The courses offered with a partial scholarship will cover a total of 200 contact hours over 8 weeks. The scholarship covers accommodation, transportation, excursion fees, and the costs for course materials.

*Since programs are either for 2-months or 1-month a Noor Majan the winter scholarship will be applied to both the 1- month and 2-month program

How to Apply:

  • Please register using our online registration form indicating your wish to apply for the scholarship under “Other things you would like to share with us”.
  • Please make sure to write down the name of your university
  • Upload a scan of your passport and a scan of a recent passport picture.
  • Write a short paragraph in Arabic (200-250 words) about yourself, your family, your studies and studies and career plans.
  • Write a short essay in English (min 500 words) explaining why studying Arabic at Noor Majan Arabic Institute is important for your future and in which ways you plan to employ your Arabic skills.
  • About a month prior to the start date of the winter course you will be notified if you have been accepted into the scholarship program and then you will be asked to send the necessary paperwork
  • For further information please Samira Selle at: