The intensive Arabic program is designed to rapidly develop a student’s language abilities by enabling them to engage with Arabic speakers confidently.

Noor Majan believes that successful language acquisition occurs when students are repeatedly challenged to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in a structured environment. Thus, Noor Majan’s intensive Arabic program reflects this idea by developing all four language skills with a focus on three distinct concentrations; foundational knowledge in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), skills development, and application of knowledge through media literacy. The program will provide intensive reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice for 20 formal contact hours per week, lasting for a total of 4 weeks per term, a total of 100 formal contact hours per month. In addition to the 20 formal contact hours per week, Noor Majan’s intensive Arabic course strengthens students’ abilities with 2 hours of language partner sessions per week. During these language partner sessions, students will learn how to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-life setting, solidifying their knowledge.

Noor Majan uses authentic and genuine material from print and broadcast media from the internet. Students will acquire the competence to consume, understand and comment on news broadcasts, articles, excerpts, and forum contributions using the adequate language register. Throughout the course, students will build on existing knowledge in Arabic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spoken and written skill sets. Finally, students will be introduced to various spoken dialects, enhancing their ability to understand the greater Arabic-speaking world.

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