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Payment Method


Payment has to be made in full to the benefit of Noor Majan’s account before the beginning of the course, at the latest seven days before classes begin. For the summer courses, earlier deadlines apply. The participant bears all ensuing bank fees and transfer costs.


Noor Majan reserves the right to make changes to the course timings or contents due to technical or personnel reasons or in case of natural disasters or instability.

If full payment was already received and the participant wants to change the course dates, Noor Majan will work with the participant to find an appropriate date. However, if the payment was received and the participant cancels Noor Majan will not reimburse the participant.

Cancellation And Withdrawal Policy

It is possible for the participant to withdraw from the program up to 14 days before the course starts and receive his full payment back. If the participant withdraws less than 14 days prior to the courses no reimbursement will be made.

These deadlines are counted in calendar days and take effect in the Omani time zone (GMT+4). If cancellation is due to a personal emergency or an emergency within the immediate family, which is documented in writing, Noor Majan will consider reimbursing an amount up to the full payment; or the registration can be put on hold and used for a later course.

In any case, Noor Majan will have to charge an administrative fee of 50 OMR for any of these changes. Similarly, if a participant has to leave a course earlier due to a personal emergency or an emergency within the immediate family, which has to be documented in writing, the student may receive a partial refund for the portion of the course not yet completed. Otherwise, it is not possible to be reimbursed for missed course days if the participant chooses to leave the course before its official termination.


If a participant misses the courses more than two times without valid excuse (e.g. illness) in writing Noor Majan reserves the right to exclude this participant after an official warning without reimbursement of the course fees, neither fully nor partially.

Medical Costs
Noor Majan is not responsible for any costs ensuing from medical treatment (consultancy fees, hospitalization, medication etc.) or for any fees that the participant needs to pay in order to change their flight due to an illness.

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We have contact information for all major private and government health facilities in Ibri and accompany our sick students to clinics and hospitals as necessary. Furthermore we have an agreement with an English-speaking mental health practitioner who’s available for consultation for our students.


Arrival Orientation

In order to allow our students to avoid cultural offence and faux-pas and preventing them from breaking Omani law by ignorance we send students a detailed student handbook with detailed information on Oman’s laws, customs and social mores so they can familiarize themselves with their host country prior to arrival. In country, students receive a card with all relevant telephone numbers and we conduct a thorough cultural and safety orientation.

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On-site Support

Our core staff members are available for emergency calls 24/7. We have open communication channels with our students’ sending countries’ embassies in Muscat so that in case of emergency or natural disaster embassies may reach their wardens easily. We also work with the local authorities so that both Royal Oman Police and the Ministry of Manpower, under which we operate, are always aware of our students and work.

We are committed to open communication channels and 24/7 reachability for our students’ sending institutions. For accompanying faculty or supervisors (such as Resident director for Critical Language Scholarship Program, pastor-supervisor for Al Amana Centre group), we can provide accommodation and work spaces if required by the program.

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Preventional Measures

In addition to the generally safe and secure environment, Noor Majan has furthermore equipped its buildings with additional safety measures such as cameras and smoke detectors. We have an evacuation plan and emergency communication plan in place. Furthermore all students are required to register with their respective embassies’ warden lists (e.g. STEP, Elefand).

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Noor Majan Student Policies

  • The student is obliged to follow Noor Majan’s site rules and dress code. The dress code is as follows: Men should wear long pants at all times. Sleeveless shirts or transparent fabrics worn without undershirts are not acceptable. Shirts should be long enough to cover the small of your back, even while sitting, preferably longer. Women should wear loose-fitting long pants or skirts at all times. Shirt sleeves should be 3/4 length or long sleeves. Shirts should be long enough to cover the small of your back, even while sitting, or preferably longer.
  • The student commits to follow their host home’s house rules and mores and to respect local morals.
  • As a representative of the Noor Majan community, students are also bound to behave in a correct and culturally sensitive manner in the town of Ibri and its surroundings.
  • Noor Majan is responsible for informing students comprehensively about cultural particularities and educating them about rules, customs, and morals during orientation.
  • Any ensuing problems or tensions between the student and their hosts should be solved with the help of a mediating Noor Majan staff member. Noor Majan’s administration is to be informed immediately in case of misunderstandings, tensions, or issues at the student host homes.
  • In case of discord between Noor Majan and its contract partners, be they individual students or institutions, any cases shall be negotiated under Omani Law at the Primary Court in Ibri, Sultanate of Oman.
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Discovering Oman: Excursions & Activities

The thoughtfully and carefully organized cultural excursions around Oman are one of Noor Majan’s strengths. Each monthly course will have at least one half-day tour and one overnight excursion. These excursions are a chance to explore the country and serve as a continuation and important enhancement of a student’s language studies. Language partners and teachers are invited on excursions as supervisors with the purpose of engaging students and building friendships. Locations of other excursions are determined by factors including season, weather, safety, and availability of local hosts and guides. Below are just a few of the excursions we offer to students.







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