How Do I Get My Visa?

Noor Majan Training Institute applies for student visa for all of our students. These student visa cover the entire period of your stay with us as Noor Majan students. The student visa costs 30 OMR and has to be paid by the student. We need a scan of the participant’s valid passport and passport picture in order to apply for the visa. Once the visa is granted we’ll send a scan of the visa slip to the student who has to print it and present it to the immigration officer upon arrival at Muscat airport, where the actual visa is stamped into the passport. Student visas are non-extendable and multiple entry. Students entering from other border posts than Muscat airport, need to inform us ahead of time.

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Do You Provide Transportation?

Noor Majan provides transportation to and from the institute for classes for all its students as part of the language course. We also provide the bus for the weekly supermarket trip. All other outings need to be arranged individually. There is no system of public transportation in Ibri. The taxi station for trips inside and outside of Ibri is in proximity to the students’ dormitory and there is also a bus station for trips to other Omani towns and Dubai. A taxi trip inside Ibri costs around 300 – 500 bz per person, and a taxi trip to Muscat 5OMR per person in a shared taxi. If you rent a taxi on your own to Muscat/Burj Al Sahwa that will cost 20- 25 OMR regardless of the number of passengers. A bus trip to Muscat/Ruwi is 3.800 OMR.

Noor Majan also provides airport transfer between Muscat International Airport and Ibri. On the day prior to the course start our driver will meet students in the arrival hall of Muscat International Airport (Ooredoo telecommunications stall) between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m. and the bus leaves to Ibri at 11:30 a.m. A bus or taxi will be arranged to take students back to the airport in the afternoon of the last course day. Students arriving in Muscat late at night will have to spend the night in a hotel in Muscat and meet the group in the morning at the airport. Students arriving after the meeting time will have to make their way to Ibri individually by taxi or bus and we’ll meet them at the station in Ibri.

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