Preparing for Oman

Preparing for Oman


No cases of MERS have been reported from Oman so far, but we’d still recommend you keep a safety distance to unknown camels, especially as they may bite as well.


How About Dangerous Animals?

Snakes and scorpions might be encountered in Oman, especially during outdoor trips to the desert or wadis. Their bites are painful and potentially harmful but all health centers and hospitals dispose of the necessary anti-venom for all varieties found in Oman. Please inform the administration immediately of any snake or scorpion bite incidents and we’ll take you to the hospital.

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Are There Any Bugs?

Due to Ibri’s hot climate you’re likely to encounter some ants and spiders as well as the occasional cockroach. Our janitor is responsible for cleaning the floors of shared spaces in the apartments once a week but apart from that the apartments’ cleanliness is the students’ responsibility. Especially the dustbins/garbage should be emptied in a timely manner to avoid bad smells and insect infestations.

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What Should I Wear?

Men should wear long pants at all times. Sleeveless shirts or transparent fabrics worn without undershirts are not acceptable. Shirts should be long enough to cover the small of your back, even while sitting, preferably longer.
Women should wear loose-fitting long and opaque pants or skirts at all times. Shirt sleeves should be 3/4 length or long sleeves. Shirts should be long enough to cover the small of your back, even while sitting, or preferably longer.

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What Is The Climate Like?

Winters (November – February) in Ibri are mild with temperatures around 20-25°C. Lowest temperatures in winter will be around 10°C at night. Summers (June – August) are hottest with average temperatures around 45°C. It can get as hot as 50°C during the summer months. Rainfall is most likely to occur between February and April; after heavy rainfalls wadis may be flooded.

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Phones And Internet?

The institute and the student apartments are equipped with wireless internet access. We encourage students to bring along their own laptops as Noor Majan does not provide computers for students to use.

We recommend purchasing an Omani SIM card upon your arrival in Oman. A SIM card is 2 OMR and contains 2 OMR credit already. You can call, text or WhatsApp us on +968 994 333 81 (Sultan Al Farsi) to inform us about your arrival in Oman.

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What Shall I Bring?

  • Towels
  • Laptop (the institute doesn’t offer computers for public use)
  • Telephone
  • Dictionary for use at home
  • Stationary
  • Personal toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate clothing (long pants/skirts, long/elbow-length sleeved shirts or tunics; all clothes should be opaque and lose)
  • Waterproof sandals for hiking in wadis and walking shoes
  • Spending money for breakfasts and dinners, occasional snacks and individual outings/excursions, telecommunications, souvenirs
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