Noor Majan students attend an Arab calligraphy workshop hosted by a local calligraphist at our institute. They are practicing writing their names in Arabic.Experienced Teaching & Proven Methodologies
Noor Majan believes in offering rigorous education to its students. We accomplish this by developing our teachers’ knowledge and skills in Arabic as a second language. Additionally, we tirelessly evaluate our curriculum to ensure a clear path of progress to meet students’ needs and goals. Learn more about our curriculum to see how we can meet your goals.

Experience the Diversity of the Sultanate

The Sultanate of Oman has been consistently regarded as one of the safest countries in the Middle East and indeed the entire world.  Oman’s stability since its founding as a modern state in 1970 makes it an ideal place for Arabic language study. Geographic, ethnic, and linguistic diversity is part and parcel of the national fabric, and the Sultanate carefully balances its traditional cultural heritage with modernity. Once the crossroads of Indian Ocean trade routes, Omani cultural identity bears notes of South Asian and East African traditions. It is a land defined by the value of hospitality, enabling Omanis to present the best of the Arab world to visitors. The Noor Majan Arabic Institute offers students a remarkable opportunity to forge their Arabic skills in this unique environment!

Best Value in the Gulf Region
Noor Majan believes in providing high-quality language immersion and training, while also respecting students’ wallets. Students who study in Oman benefit from it being the most affordable destination in the Gulf. To expand our offering to students, we opened the doors of our affiliated Daaris Institute in Nizwa, Oman in November 2022. As opposed to Noor Majan’s Muscat campus, the Daaris Institute offers students discounted study packages that include both tuition and housing. This option may be of interest to students who are not interested in a study abroad experience that includes meals, language partners, excursions, airport pickup, and other fees as part of the tuition package.