About the Team

Sultan Al Farsi

Institute Director

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Hussein Al Farsi

Language Director

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Ibri staff

Dr. Saif Al Azri

Arabic Instructor

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Yusuf Al Jasasi

Arabic Instructor

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Ibtisam Al Maqbali
After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Ibtisam followed her passion: the teaching of the Arabic language. She gained an additional teaching qualification and has been teaching with Noor Majan Training Institute since 2013. Students love her witty and creative ways of explaining new words through her outstanding drawing talent. She keeps classes lively and engaging and has been involved in developing NMTI’s media and dialect curriculum. Ibitsam is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language at Nizwa University.
Rehab Al Farsi
Rehab joined Noor Majan in 2017, after finishing her degree in Arabic language and literature and work experience as lector and teacher. After a thorough training on the specifics of teaching Arabic as a foreign language she’s a valuable addition to our team.
Noha Al Balushi
Noha joined us in 2018 and is enthusiastic about teaching conversation. She’s especially engaging during the media lessons where she thoroughly enjoys discussions and debates. Noha is open to discuss even controversial topics and is ready to give you an insight into Omani culture and way of thinking. She’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language at Nizwa University.

Mohammed Al Shueli

Administrative Assistant

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Omar Ali

Public Relations

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Iman Al Muqbali & Mohammed Al Riyami
Iman and Mohammed are the face of Noor Majan, you meet them daily at the reception. The reception is staffed daily from Sundays to Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Thursdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Both Iman and Mohammed can help you out with advice about things to do and see in Ibri and on how to get there.

Mohammed Taher

Grounds Keeper

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Muscat staff

Saif Al Maawali

Institute Director – Muscat

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Mohammed Al Maawali

Administrative Staff

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Asma Al Shukeili
Asma holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic literature from the University of Qatar and has several years of experience in the field of TAFL at different language institutes in Muscat. She joined us since the opening of our Muscat branch in early 2018 and has since been a very lively and outgoing teacher that shares her interest in different media with her students and doesn’t hesitate to discuss all topics that interest them.
Neama Al Bahloli
After her undergraduate studies in Islamic civilization and Arabic language, Neama moved on to receive a Master’s degree in Arabic literature from Nizwa university. She completed several years in a Muscat private school before transferring to the field of adult education in Arabic as a foreign language. Her passion for this profession has brought her to Noor Majan.
Fatima Al Bahloli
Fatima holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic literature from the College of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Dubai, and a master’s degree in modern literature from the University of Nizwa. She has extensive experience in teaching Arabic to both native speakers and international students and joined us in 2018.
Shifa Al Amri
Shifa brings to Noor Majan her passion for public speaking, broadcasting and an interest in researching social issues. She’s currently finalizing her thesis to obtain a master’s degree in TAFL and has joined our institute in mid-2019.
Al Khansa Al Rawahi
Al Khansa comes from a background of translation studies at Sultan Qaboos University but started her career in teaching Arabic as a foreign language after her graduation where she has gained experience since 2016 in different language schools. Since early 2019 Al Khansa has been a valuable addition to Noor Majan Muscat’s faculty.