Why Noor Majan

Why Noor Majan and Why the Sultanate?

Experienced Teaching & Proven Methodologies
Noor Majan believes in offering rigorous education to its students. We accomplish this by developing our teachers’ knowledge and skills in Arabic as a second language. Additionally, we tirelessly evaluate our curriculum to ensure a clear path of progress to meet students’ needs and goals. Learn more about our curriculum to see how we can meet your goals.

Experience the Diversity of the Sultanate

Recognized as the 4th safest country in the world by the World Economic Forum in 2017, the Sultanate of Oman is the ideal place for Arabic language study. Oman is known for its geographic, ethnic, and linguistic diversity, while carefully reconciling traditional cultural heritage and modernity. It is a land defined by the value of hospitality, enabling Omanis to present the best of the Arab world it is visitors. Begin your studies at Noor Majan and engage in this unique environment.

Best Value in the Region
Noor Majan believes in providing a high-quality education, while also respecting student’s ability to afford a study abroad experience. Thus, our program prices reflect our commitment to affordability. Students who study in Oman also benefit from it being the most affordable destination in the Gulf.

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    NMTI Ibri Campus

    Mazra bin Khater 02-589 Bin Omair building 511 Ibri, Oman Tel.: (968) 939 463 79 Fax: (968) 256 897 72

    NMTI Muscat Campus

    “Shadow” Building Way no. 4507 Building no. 539, Al khuwair, Muscat Tel.: (968) 996 313 89
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